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Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Lamb

Naturally Raised for Rich Flavor

At Cope Grass Farm, we take great pride in providing you with the finest grass-fed, grass-finished lamb. Our lambs are raised in a regenerative and sustainable manner, grazing on the bountiful pastures of our family farm. By allowing them to feed on a natural diet of nutrient-rich grasses, we ensure that our lamb not only embodies exceptional quality but also delivers a rich, distinctive flavor. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices shines through in every tender and succulent bite, making our grass-fed, grass-finished lamb a delicious and nutritious choice for your table.


Cuts Available & How to Purchase

Indulge in the delectable cuts of our grass-fed, grass-finished lamb, all ethically raised. From juicy chops to savory roasts, each cut embodies the unique flavors that only naturally raised lamb can provide. You can easily purchase our lamb through our online store, where you’ll find a seamless ordering process. Additionally, we invite you to join us at an upcoming market to purchase in person. If you’re interested in stocking up, we also accept a limited number of bulk orders each year.

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