Free range duck

Tender, Naturally Raised

About Cope Grass Farm Duck

We are delighted to offer you our free-range duck, raised with utmost care and respect for their natural instincts. Our ducks enjoy the freedom to roam and forage in our pastures and pond, resulting in a stress-free environment allowing them to develop their natural flavors. We supplement their natural diet with non-GMO feed and microgreens. Our commitment to natural and ethical farming practices means that our ducks are never confined, allowing them to thrive and express their natural behaviors. The result is tender, succulent meat with a distinctive flavor that reflects their natural upbringing. You’ll taste the difference in their meat as well as their eggs.

Cuts Available & How to Purchase

Discover our selection of delectable cuts from our free-range ducks. From juicy breasts to flavorful legs, our duck cuts are sure to impress your taste buds. You can conveniently purchase our duck products through our online store, where you’ll find a seamless ordering process. Alternatively, you can visit us at the upcoming markets to explore our offerings in person and engage with the people behind the protein. Enjoy our tender, naturally raised duck and savor the remarkable flavors it brings to your table.

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  • Drumsticks
  • Duck breast
  • Duck heart
  • Duck liver
  • Duck tail
  • Duck tenderloin
  • Duck thigh
  • Duck wings
  • Whole Duck
  • Duck Eggs (dozen or half dozen)