Farm Fresh Turkey

Wholesome family tradition

About Cope Grass Farm Turkeys

We are thrilled to introduce our farm-fresh turkeys! Our commitment to quality and flavor extends to these new additions to our family farm. With utmost care and dedication, our turkeys are raised using sustainable and ethical practices, allowing them to roam within their dedicated space and graze on nutritious pasture. This ensures that each turkey embodies exceptional taste and tenderness, reflecting our passion for delivering farm-fresh goodness. Join us in embracing the tradition of gathering around the table with our newly introduced farm-fresh turkeys.

What's Available & How to Purchase

From juicy turkey breasts to savory drumsticks, our turkeys offer versatility and flavor for a variety of dishes and occasions. You can conveniently purchase our turkey products through our online store, where you’ll find a seamless ordering process. We will have some available at upcoming market events. If you’d like to order in bulk, please inquire about our limited pre-ordering offers. Experience the exceptional taste of our new turkey offerings and create memorable moments around your table.

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  • Whole Turkey only (seasonal)