Our grass-fed beef delights in feasting on our vibrant micro greens, embodying the pure essence of natural nourishment. Experience the harmony of flavors as our cattle graze on nutrient-rich pastures, resulting in exceptionally tender, flavorful, and wholesome meats.

Hands holding seeds

Savor the tradition: Nourishing Food, Nurturing Lands

At Cope Grass Farm, we believe in reconnecting people with the true essence of food. As a fifth-generation family farm dedicated to sustainable and regenerative practices, we take pride in raising a diverse range of livestock, including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and more. With a commitment to grass-fed and grass-finished techniques, we ensure that our animals live healthy, natural lives, resulting in exceptionally flavorful and nutritious meats.

What we are passionate about



Great All Around

“Great people and great quality meat!”

— Holly H

Childhood Memories

“After purchasing meat from Harry at the market, eating it brought back a childhood memory. This is what my grandparents ate and I’m so happy to have this available!”

— Susan M

The Pork

“The acorn-fed pork. Oh my!”

— Deidre G


Is your beef grass-fed, grass-finished?

Yes, all of our beef is grass-fed, grass-finished.

Do you use antibiotics?

Antibiotics are only used if it is necessary for the health of the animal. If an animal is administered antibiotics, they get sold at auction and do not get sold to our customers.

Are you certified organic?

No, our products are not certified organic. While we follow organic principles and prioritize sustainable farming practices, we have chosen not to pursue organic certification.